My Fail-Proof Formula To Confidently Increase Case Acceptance.

(So You Can Focus On The Results That Matter!) 

Did You Know?

The “Old” Way That Dentists Discuss Treatment Has Resulted In A Pitiful National Average Case Acceptance Of Just 52%? 

It’s been dubbed by some as the “dentists’ curse"

For years it was the only way most knew how to get patients on their schedule. The problem? The approach left untold opportunity on the table for dental practices nationwide making it near impossible for average dentists to maintain predictable growth.  When you dig a little deeper it’s not difficult to see why. 
Focusing on “patient education” as a way to get to “yes” in a dental practice is dramatically flawed. For starters, it forces dentists away from their innate desire to help and care for people… and into the stale (and often confusing) role of an educator who appears to be all about me, me, me! 
“Let me tell you about this material.” 
“Look at all the continuing education hours I’ve completed” 
“Let me show you a video of the procedure I want you to do”
For the majority of patients, this immediately puts their guard up. They start to question if they’re in the right place when the dentist mistakenly takes their confused look as a cue to give more info… Just digging the hole deeper and deeper.
Let’s be clear:  This isn’t what most dentists want to do. But, for years, it’s what most dentists felt they had to do.  Thankfully:

There’s A More Effective Way To Communicate That Plays To Your Strengths

…As A Provider Of Solutions And It SHOWS

It’s called “Prescriptive Sales”

Unlike traditional “patient education”, that can often feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole as you reel off your credentials and share your incredible knowledge of all things dental (hoping a patient bites)…
This approach focuses on the emotions that are the foundation of why some people value your recommendation for treatment and others think you’re just “selling”.
It guides patients to articulate their suffering and select the right solution for themselves. Your role is simply to shepherd them in the direction of quality solutions and predictable outcomes using your existing knowledge, and expertise!

The Truly Innovative Idea

You’re simply giving the patient exactly what they want, but crucially letting them work it out for themselves, without feeling pushed into something they’re not 100% sure on.  It’s the ultimate trust-builder between patient and dentist. 
Plus, from a business point of view: You know you’re having high-quality conversations with qualified patients who value your expertise and want solutions for themselves!
All you need to do is master the communications framework that I have tested and proven which is all about helping people access the right solution at the right time, which makes conversations with patients highly valuable…  

If Your Goal is To Help More Patients Access Solutions...

…You’re In The Right Place!

Hi, I’m Dr. Nate Jeal

Credentials Include The ownership & development of multiple dental practices.

I have trained and developed dozens of associate doctors and well in excess of 100 key staff and team members. I’ve had the great blessing to present seminars to dentists across North America and as far away as Australia.
I’m the co-founder of Dental Authority Marketing where we provide high level training, completely done for you marketing implementation services and a mastermind roundtable for elite dentists. I’m co-author of “The New Rules of Dental Marketing” a book that outlines our unique approach to growing private practices, and I’m a key opinion leader for the American Academy of Clear Aligners. 
Finally, I’m very proud to say I was a featured dentist in the book “Titans of Dentistry”.  Having spent hundreds of hours with all kinds of experts in many different areas of business and personal development…  I have created a training program specifically designed for dentists that shows you how to communicate for maximum impact, helping patients truly understand what’s at stake.

Introducing: “Doctor's Orders”

“Doctor's Orders” is a 12 part training

Designed to fit into your dental business-owner lifestyle. The videos are kept short and accessible by intention. With just 10 minutes input a week for 90 days, you will gain the confidence to lead more high-value conversations to a close, and start to see positive growth in your practice.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the training:

Module #1: The Dirtiest Word In Dentistry 

Module #2: The Psychology of Sales

Module #3: Who's a Buyer & Who's Just Kicking Tires?

Module #4: The Doctors Framework

Module #5: Who's In Charge Here?

Module #6: Self-Discovery and The Dentists' Curse

Module #7: Selecting the Solution

Module #8: Don't Miss the Signals

Module #9: Overcome Common Objections

Module #10: Closing Cases Like a Pro

Module #11: Doctor’s Prescription

Module #12: The Follow Up

Who’s The Ideal Dentist For...

...The “Doctor's Orders” Training Program?

It doesn’t matter whether your office is struggling or operating like a well-oiled machine… With the approach taught here practice size is completely irrelevant! 

This is about having a desire to expand your horizon and help more patients access quality care that they need. It’s about experiencing the kind of growth you’ve seen others achieve from a distance.

"The Doctor's Orders" Will Allow You To:

The Value Of The Program In Your Practice:

It’s safe to say nearly all dentists want to grow their business. And that means more production on the books. But, many simply don’t know how and others are too shy to talk about it. In amongst the confusion, and lack of planning for growth, many wind up doing nothing and waiting for a miracle to happen. 
Slowly, but surely any growth they were seeing grinds to a halt, and they’re left going around in circles.  The “Doctor’s Orders” training course is designed to break that circle. It helps you identify a chronically under-utilized asset all dentists and their practices have: 
The ability to communicate! 
The “Doctor’s Orders” takes you through a proven step-by-step process that will help you plan and implement a predictable framework to approach high value conversations.  Once you’ve mastered those higher case acceptance will naturally follow. 
Imagine, what that could do for your business?
For starters, you’d be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on treating patients, and not having the state of your business in the back of your mind.  You’d be able to steadily employ more staff, offer more services, and even give yourself the freedom to step away and improve your work/life balance.  Your practice would become one of the best, and most trusted in the area. 

How much would all of that be worth in your business, and to you?

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If You’re A Dentist Who’s Determined To Start Higher Value Cases & Grow Their Practice