We Help Dentists Build d.r.e.a.m Practices

 Dental Marketing & Practice Growth Solutions

The business approach to practice growth

 Measurable and purposeful to create predictability and profits.

We Are The Doctors Behind A long List of Successful Practices...

And have experienced the full life cycle of a dentist many times over in our eight (7) dental locations to date. 

Our unique skill set derives from real-world experience, which shapes our practical, no excuses approach to helping hundreds of our fellow dentists.  A D.R.E.A.M practice is one built on the following principles:

D = Dynamic Leadership

R = Real Profits

E = Expert Conversion

A= Achievable Goals

M= Measurable Marketing

Do you ever think :

“I want to do more profitable procedures”
“i want to understand my business better”
“My Marketing isn’t working”
“i want to ‘sell’ more dentistry”
"I want my team to convert more"
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We will help you build a predictable, profitable and enjoyable dental practice

Client Success Stories

…With Mentorship & Coaching

The Dental Profession Has Changed.

Dental Education Often Leaves Practice Owners Under-Prepared!

Years dedicated to mastering the art of restoring and replacing teeth, yet the journey of dental education often feels incomplete

While many dental education programs excel at honing your clinical expertise, they all too often fall short on equipping doctors with the business skills which are essential to meet the challenges of today’s competitive practice landscape.  

The result?


Dentists toil tirelessly, investing longer hours and increasing effort into what they’ve always been told  is the “right way” of doing things. 

But to what end? 


Our mission and forward-looking purpose is to help you escape that downward spiral.

Join us on a transformative coaching journey where we provide you with the knowledge and expertise to conquer operational hurdles and fuel your business’s growth. This is your opportunity to thrive professionally, achieve financial prosperity within your practice, and ultimately realize the vision you’ve always held for your dental career.

We’ve Walked The Same Path As You

(And experienced the same challenges…)

Practice ownership can be a challenging journey, which is why we have developed and created our own specialized systems to navigate it successfully.

These remarkable systems are the very ones that empower us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of hundreds of offices across North America every year:

100s Of Dentists Have Learned How To...

Close More Cases

Generate Higher Production with our ‘$100K Day’ and 'Convesion Questions' system

Attract patients

Improve the effectiveness of internal and external marketing campaigns

use Social Media

Attract new patients using social media marketing tecnhiques.

improve Culture

Create a culture of service & excellence within their team.


Ready To Follow In Their steps?

Growth-Minded Dentists Have Two Ways To Get Involved

dental business Coaching

Our coaching programs are structured to demystify the business of dentistry and simplify day-to-day operations. Whether in our private 1:1 program or in one of our small groups. We meet with doctors and their teams monthly to identify risks and opportunities, and to prescribe solutions that lead you to better results in business.

Live events & WEbinars

We teach dentists and dental teams how to market and position their practice for meaningful growth, helping them attract the right patients. Our sessions serve as a valuable resource for dentists seeking to learn about marketing and practice growth in the modern digital era.

“Joining Fast Growth was one of the best things I did for my practice. In just 4 months I had a 200% return with implementing just one of their tools. I recommend Fast Growth for anyone, whether just starting from scratch or very well-established practice. I like that the people who are giving advice are also dentists who are running practices and working on teeth. Thank you Fast Growth for having me!

Dr. S. Shetty


A d.r.e.a.m practice Is A possibility That's Closer Now Than Ever Before

We know it works because we have done it — not just in our own practices but we have helped many others too! Dentists who have the same aspirations and the same challenges that you have. 

 Any dentist can set up a practice to call their own, but it takes the right recipe to help them grow it and take it to the next level. 

And growth doesn’t have to be accompanied by growing pains.

Allow us to be a part of your D.R.E.A.M Practice success story. We’re dedicated to helping dental practice owners run their businesses, their way. And we would be honored to help you do the same.