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We Help Dental Teams Increase Sales With Communication Strategies Focused On The Right Patients & Procedures.

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With The Right Patients & Procedures, A Proven strategy For Conversion Can Help Your Dental Practice Prosper…

But Who Are We And What Can We Do For You?

We Are The Dentists Behind Fast Growth Practice....

…The creators of the ‘$100,000 Invisalign Day’ and developers of ‘The Power Questions.’ We help dentists build profitable practices by focusing their brand message and conversion efforts on the candidates for their highest value dental procedures.

Dentists we work with get quick wins with our proprietary ‘$100,000 Invisalign Day’ formula and ‘Power Questions’ method. Together we build on these principles so doctors can have sustained success in their business without adding stress or feeling chained to the practice.

We know what you’re thinking: “How do you do it?”

We focus on these five key elements:

Free Up Space
Position Your Practice
Convert More Sales
Attract More Patients
Expand & Sustain Growth

…To help you grow your practice without added stress, frustration, or pressure.

See What Some Of Our Clients Say

…About Their Experience With Mentorship & Coaching

The Unspoken Truth In The World Of Dentistry:

Conventional Thinking Leaves Practice Owners Under-Prepared!

All the years spent learning how to fix or remove broken teeth… And yet formal dental training is incomplete! Dental education is rightly focused on how to be a better clinician – however it doesn’t address the strategic business and communication skills needed to provide dentistry as a fee-paid service.

There really is no venue where doctors can learn about clarifying their message, marketing a practice, or how to convert new and existing patients face to face… As a result: Dentists are working longer, harder hours on what they think is the ‘right way’ of doing things – and for what?

Our mission and forward-looking purpose is to help you escape that downward spiral. By empowering you with the knowledge and skills to overcome operational and growth-oriented challenges: You’ll grow professionally, flourish financially within your business… and finally experience your practice the way you’ve always wanted.

We’ve Walked The Same Path As You

(And experienced the same challenges…)

Our first five years in practice were hard.  We were confident in our abilities as dentists – but we knew there was room for both growth and improvement when it came to running our five practices.

We just couldn’t find any good advice on the topic. At least not inside the dental industry… Five years into our dental careers we were:

Something Had To Change…

Our turning point came when we decided to invest our time (and a small fortune) in developing a skill set never learned at dental school: How to deploy marketing that works, how to convert on the opportunities generated and ultimately how to operate a business focused on growth. We met with CEOs, authors, coaches, and mentors…

People who had accomplished in their business what we aspired to accomplish in ours, and who could provide clarity to our vision. And that was when things changed dramatically.

We perfected our own formula for running a successful systemized dental business – and we’ve never looked back. Since then we’ve gone on to share our systems for marketing, conversion and practice growth with hundreds of dentists, personally helping dozens of doctors as they build and grow their practices into unstoppable businesses.

If you always find yourself wanting to:

We’ve Helped 100s Of Dental Practices:

Do More Invisalign

Generate Higher Production with our ‘$100K Invisalign Day’ system

get more patients

Improve the effectiveness of internal and external marketing campaigns

fix conversion

Increase case acceptance with more confident communication

realize Growth

Simplify practice growth without adding more work or stress

gain back Time

Increase the value and efficiancy of their time in the office

use Social Media

Attract new patients using social media marketing tecnhiques.

improve Culture

Create a culture of service & excellence within their team.


Ready To Follow In Their steps?

Imagine Running A Dental Practice Focused On Quality And Results…

What would that future look like for you?

With the right coaching and mentorship you’ll achieve your goals – and more. You’ll be able to steadily employ strategies giving yourself the freedom of choice around how you work and who you work with. 

Imagine moving away from 24-hour, 7-days-a-week stress… and replacing it with days where you aren’t even needed in the office.

Allowing you to:

This is your chance to fall back in love with your dental practice and turn it into a source of joy, pride, and profit. That’s the reality of a dental business enhanced with our principles for Fast Growth. Allow us to show you how:

Here’s How We Help Growth-Minded Dentists:

1:1 Mentorship & Coaching

We identify risks and opportunities, and create success steps that lead you to better results in business. LIVE private sessions are scheduled monthly with bonus resource library available 24/7.

Members-Only Office Hours

Open discussion every month for pressing questions, additional clarity, and on-demand access to documents and systems in support of each member’s goals.

our 'Easy-Buttons'

The Social Media Jumpstart, The $100K Invisalign Day, The Power Questions. All private clients have full-access to this learn-as-you-go content. Platinum members get exclusive access to our '24 Hours To A Team' sales & communication training.

An Accountability Partner

Check-ins between private sessions are key to staying on track. Consider us the accountability partner you never had. Each private client will have direct access to key people on our team who can access documents and systems on demand.

We Know Our No Fluff & No Excuses Approach To Business In Dentistry Isn’t For Everyone

It’s for Growth-Minded dentists

Who want to expand their capabilities in practice with greater…

…and without the stress and frustration many doctors believe comes with growth. ‘Fast Growth’ is a philosophy that advocates a high profit, low volume model distinct from the low fee, high volume and high stress model that has been typical in dentistry.

Designed to fit

Designed to fit into your dental business-owner lifestyle, we lead virtual sessions that you can experience anywhere… So there’s no travel expense and minimal time out of the office.

In addition, you’ll gain access to our management tools, scripts, formulas and so much more…

Our ‘Easy Buttons’ To Get Doctors Quick Wins & New Momentum

The 100k Invisalign Day

Discover the secrets to boosting your practice income with 6-figure invisalign days. Fully templated, plug and play ads, email, social posts and more.

The Social Media Jumpstart

Learn how to optimize your social profiles and use readily available tools and platforms to spark new energy and excitement within your practice.

The Power Questions

Unlock the questions you need to be asking which guide patients to make informed commitments to proposed treatment while avoiding confusion & indecision.

“Joining Fast Growth Practice was one of the best things I did for my practice. It helped me complement the consultant I have. In just 4 months I had a 200% return with implementing just one thing…“ future money”. I recommend Fast Growth Practice for anyone, whether just starting from scratch or very well-established practice. I like that the people who are giving advice are also dentists who are running practices and working on teeth. Thank you Fast Growth for having me!”

Dr. S. Shetty


We Believe That The Ideal Dental Practice Is Predictable, Profitable, And Enjoyable

Dentistry can be all of those and more… but it can easily be none of them too. Any dentist can set up a practice to call their own, but it takes the right recipe to help them grow it and take it to the next level. And growth doesn’t have to be accompanied by growing pains:

Allow us to be a part of your success story. We’re dedicated to helping dental practice owners run their businesses, their way. And we want to help you do the same.

When you join The Fast Growth Practice, you get access to:

1:1 coaching

Individualized mentorship and coaching for dentists who want to build a more profitable practice focused on the right patients and procedures

member exclusives

Members-only office hours with full access to our systems & documents, quarterly workshops with guest experts, preferred vendor access, our video resource library and more.

our easy-buttons

Our short programs get you quick wins to jumpstart your success with confidence and capability. Learn the simple secrets to high production days and social media optimization.

Shave years off the learning curve and get a fresh new perspective into the world of profitable dental practice with our evidence-based principles for Fast Growth.