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Prescriptive Sales and Conversion Training

Improving treatment acceptance in dentistry comes down to one thing: Understanding what patients value. 

For this reason patient education and lengthy explanations about why dental patients should take action rarely work. It’s simply not how people make buying decisions. 

But imagine if starting more ortho, implants and cosmetic dentistry in your practice was just another part of the routine… That’s what our systems for sales communication and conversion have helped more than 500 practice owners across the US and Canada achieve.

Growth strategies Backed by science

You'll learn how behavioral psychology and neuropsychology impact dental consumers and the way people make buying decisions. Armed with this understanding and with our specific scripting for sales conversion, you will confidently increase treatment acceptance in your office. Doctors who commit to implementing the system do more of they dentistry they enjoy, with the patients who value their solutions.

doctors and team members learn a system...

Features of Conversion Focused Practices

Service oriented, always providING what patients want

Rehearsed and scripted to perform under pressure

growing with the right patients and procedures

“Their Success Is Not Accidental…”

“Nate and Bao-Tran have built one of the most impressive Aligner Focused Practices and franchises in Canada, and are the rivals of many dentists in other areas.  After watching them for years, it is clear that they have systems that have brought them tremendous success outside of normal marketing campaigns and clinical skills. 

I am confident that anyone looking to be more effective and grow their practice would be smart to glean as much information, sales, and systems as possible from Drs. Jeal and Nguyen.  Said simply, they are onto something. Their success is not accidental.

Dr. David Galler

President, American Academy of Clear Aligners

Scheduled Events

Our events are ideal for Doctors and Treatment Coordinators who want a complete conversion system to support their conversations around high value treatment. Learn how to effortlessly guide your patients to make better decisions and confidently invest in your dental solutions.

2023 -2024

Check Out The Real-Life results:

the national rate of treatment acceptance in dentistry is less than 50%.

As dentists, we’re naturally skeptical. So imagine for a moment that you were only able to implement part of what you learn in your office right away… Would it still be worth it if you gained a simple way to categorize your patients, instantly knowing who is a buyer and who isn’t? How about if you had a down-to-earth way of using imagery to sell more dentistry? 

An additional big case a month isn’t something most practice owners can produce on-demand…

But you can – and you will – when you apply the conversion principles you’ll learn inside your own practice. The real-world evidence is seen in the testimonials from dentists who have done it with our help. Building a practice you love to work in is a big goal… But we set the bar high for a reason.

Our System gets results. And we believe you can too