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The Fast growth Program

Dentists want more...

This pursuit of profit is not merely a financial endeavor but also a means to ensure a sustainable practice, invest in advanced technologies, provide top-notch patient care, and support ongoing professional development.

As such, the quest for improved financial outcomes remains a central focus for many dentists, allowing them to better serve their patients and contribute to the advancement of the field as a whole.

It is Not About Working Harder

many are at a point where they’re declaring ‘That’s it, i’ve had enough!”

Dentistry is challenging enough without Any added pressure.

Embarking on a professional practice journey is seldom as straightforward as we first envision. It’s a world filled with challenges and puzzles.

How can you simultaneously become the best clinician you can be while also mastering the art of:

…often all in the same day!  The difficulty becomes even more pronounced when you’re attempting to navigate it independently!

you should know that

Our First Five Years In Practice...

Were HARD! We wanted to grow our practices. We figured more was better: So we acquired more practices (five in two years), spent more on marketing, hired more gurus and consultants, and tried hard to do more work…

In reality, all it amounted to was less:

We did everything the dental experts recommended, even investing in marketing companies that let us down.

We’ve spent a decade of our professional lives figuring out what works so we could grow our practices into what we knew they could be.

Now, growth as a concept has become the most significant aspect of our work.

Good marketing brings in the right patients. The right patients allow us to provide our best and most profitable services. And that’s how we broke free from the constant grind.

 our promise to those accepted to work with us:

We Will Help You grow your practice

And Here’s How We Will Do It:

Improve Case Conversion

Treatment acceptance is simpler when you have a system to follow. Our method guides patients to make good decisions, leaving you, your team and your patients feeling comfortable and confident.

Simplify Dental Marketing

Yesterday’s marketing doesn’t work for today’s consumers. Not only will we teach you how to set yourself apart with a unique identity, we will show you how to create and execute on a plan.

Manage your business like a ceo

What gets measured gets managed. For this reason a regular look into the numbers is invaluable. We will help you understand your numbers with our software and harness the insights to grow your business.

Do more profitable procedures

Specialty procedures become possible and more profitable when you optimize your operating systems. Learn our protocols and start generating more revenue per patient.

Train Your team

Strengthening your team through business training isn't just a strategic decision; it's a core element of your dedication to ongoing growth. We'll guide your team with the expertise and resources to understand vital metrics and become proficient in business management.

Isn't it time to practice the way you want?

 let’s grow your practice together!

"It was one of the best things I did for my practice!"

“Joining Fast Growth Practice was one of the best things I did for my practice. In just 4 months I had a 200% return with implementing just one thing…“ future money”. I recommend Fast Growth Practice for anyone, whether just starting from scratch or very well-established practice. Thank you Fast Growth for having me!”

Dr. S. Shetty


Meet The Doctors Behind Fast Growth:

Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen & Dr. Nate Jeal

We create innovative systems, share the knowledge and practice what we preach inside our practices!

"Blessed to know them…"

“Nate Jeal and BT Nguyen are awesome!! They have systematically taken an approach to deliver proven solutions that work in your practice.  They have been fantastic to work with & I have been blessed to know them as colleagues and friends.”

Dr. L Neville


Our promise to you

Anyone can build and grow a practice as long as they follow the right recipe.

You will:

Choose to work with only happy patients

You will

See quick ROI from your clinical CE

You will:

Work as little or as much as you want

You will:

Continually grow in a competitive market

Who’s The Ideal Dentist For The Fast Growth Practice Program?

Our comprehensive program is best suited for talented clinicians who are discontent in their practice performance. They have:

  • Decent office production
  • Low niche speciality procedures
  • Little to poor marketing results
  • Practice inefficiencies throughout
  • Teams who cannot convert patients into treatment

Guaranteed positive return on Your investment with Us

or we will coach you for free until you do

When you commit to learning with an open mind:

More predictable

You’ll be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on your goals, with fewer distractions.

more profit

You’ll be able to employ strategies, giving yourself the freedom to improve your work-life balance.

more Enjoyment

Your practice increasingly becomes a source of joy and pride.

How much is building a better business worth to you?

Here's How You Can Benefit From Our Experience:

Private Client Group

Our comprehensive coaching and consulting program focus on the 5 pillars of a Conversion-Focused dental practice. Expect much more than just systems and processes. We will also provide training for dental teams to ensure that your business moves forward with a low volume, low stress, and high-profit practice model.

Online Education Studio

Our online membership content for dentists and their teams eliminates the need for extra travel. The topics covered are related to the business of dentistry: Communication, Conversion, Case Acceptance, and Sales.

Measuring your success:

Whether it's check-ins with our team between private sessions or mystery shopper calls to your office to assess adoption of scripting we want you to succeed. You will also get our practice metrics software that will track:

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our approach that if you don't achieve at least a 2X return on your investment with us, we will continue to work with you until you do!

"This program will change the way you practice”

“Dr. Nate Jeal & Dr. BT Nguyen’s approach is one that makes me feel good about the way I talk to patients, and most importantly patients love it too.”

Dr. M Ling


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