The Power Questions

Learn The Seven Evidence-Based Questions:

Guide Patients To Articulate What They Care About, Why They Care About It & Who They Choose To Fix Their Problem.

Here’s one of the most expensive mistakes we see practice owners make time and time again: They jump into treatment recommendations BEFORE fully understanding their patients’ aspirations and objectives. It’s one more thing that we weren’t taught in dental school or in any of the continuing education programs in dentistry. 

With this in mind, we spent years researching disciplines from consumer psychology and behavioral economics to negotiation and sales. We ultimately developed a very specific, conversational process that anyone can follow…

…Including the single-most-important question that you could ever ask!

Asking Questions:

The Second Most Powerful Action In ANY Dental Practice

Far more than any high-tech equipment, the right set of questions can help you secure commitments to treatment more effectively than ever before:


Uncover your patients’ motivations and empathize with the problems they’re currently facing


Understand their individual needs and why a solution is (or isn’t) important to them


Unleash recommendations that are tailored to their wants and values

All of which leads to the SINGLE most powerful action any doctor can take…

Listening. Something everyone says they do, but few actually do in practice.  We see it time and again when we start Invisalign, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry cases with patients who have another dentist they’ve been seeing for years. We see it all the time at our $100,000 Invisalign Day events. 

So why do candidates for high value treatment like Invisalign choose us and not the dentist they know? It’s quite simple: The other dentist didn’t hear their concerns, and they often didn’t bother to even ask. In other words they didn’t have their own version of The Power Questions and as a result they failed to guide their patient (now ours) through a meaningful conversation.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside:

“This approach will change the way you practice. It’s an approach that makes me feel good about the way I talk to patients, and most importantly patients love it too."

Dr. Michael Ling

Learn The Power Questions…

…And Guide The Conversation Your Highest High Value Patients Need To Know They’re In The Right Practice. Dentists are individually equipped with all the right training and expertise to help hundreds or even thousands of patients every year.

We’re caring, compassionate, and dedicated to quality outcomes. And yet many dentists struggle to convey the value in their solutions or to practice the type of dentistry they find most rewarding. 

The Power Questions simplify conversion...

… And case acceptance so you and your patients both get exactly what you want! 

For them:

For you:

Unlock The Power Questions That Guide Patients To Good Decision Making…

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