24 Hours To A Team Program

Empower Your Team With Communication Strategies For Improved Conversion

A dental practice will struggle without An...

…Engaged and well-prepared workforce. The ‘24 Hours To A Team’ program represents a chance to build your dream team through a training program created uniquely for non-dentist employees.

Would you not invest 24 hours to help your team understand buyer behavior, overcome objections and talk about money with confidence? All of this and a lot more is delivered in 12 short video lessons that your team can study on their own terms and timelines.

Over 12 weeks:

They will also engage with peers from across the country in a private Whatsapp chat room and complete simple weekly quizzes to confirm their new understanding. 

They will report weekly wins and practice effective ways of talking to patients. Your team will gain insight into the types of patients that exist in every dental office… And they will learn how to communicate with each one as they are encountered on the job.

Give Your Team The Conviction

…Of Knowing What To Say And When To Say It

Dentists drop tens of thousands of dollars on continuing education… but often fail to provide the same attention to their team of employees who play such a big role in achieving success. It’s one more thing that dental school never taught you:

How to provide the right resources and communication strategies to your team for maximum conversion with minimal stress. Luckily, training your staff to turn prospects into patients is made easy with our 24 Hours To A Team Program.

Here’s What Your Team Will Be Exposed To Inside The Program:

The Program

A 12-Week Program Providing The Equivalent Of 24-Hours of Training, Reflection and Peer Engagement

Video Lessons

Strategic Video Lessons For Your Team To Watch Whenever And Wherever Is Most Convenient


End Of Module Quizzes To Mark The Progress Of Your Team And Confirm Knowledge Acquisition


We Offer Chat Room Support For Encouragement, Engagement And Added Support Whenever Your Team Requires It

Certificates Of Course Completion

Upon completion, you and your team with receive a certificate.

5 Detailed Lessons

Detailed Lessons On 5 Critically Important Topics

  1. Guiding Patients To Own Their Decisions

  2. The Secret To Working With Happy People: A New System For Patient Categorization

  3. The Future Is In The Follow Up

  4. Overcoming Obstacles & Objections

  5. Confidently Talking About Money

    PLUS more!

Provide Your Staff The Tools They Need To Grow With Your Business

No matter how independent you are as a practice owner: You can’t scale your business without a strong team working alongside you.

There are many things you can invest in to improve your business’ profits and reputation: Be sure to NEVER forget about your team:

Give them the chance they deserve to thrive with you.

Access the '24 Hours To A Team' At A Leading Industry Price:

"The program is designed to help you grow not only financially, but also in business management and communication with the team! They have guided me to increase my practice growth."

Dr. C Berman

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