The 100K Day


The Strategy Workshops That Hold NOTHING Back

Imagine if bringing in an extra 6-figures to your practice was just another part of the routine… That’s what our ‘$100,000 Invisalign Day’ training has helped hundreds of dentists across the US and Canada achieve.

But it’s not limited to those who attend the workshop live, and it doesn’t end there either. Access the recordings or join us in the 100K Academy with options for curated video lesson or 1:1 private mentorship.

The Fully Templated System For Growing Your Practice And Profits Fast

Exclusive Systems & protocols

Downloadable LEssons

A Proven Plug & Play Formula

“Their Success Is Not Accidental…”

“Nate and Bao-Tran have built one of the most impressive Invisalign Practices and franchises in Canada, and are the rivals of many dentists in other areas.  After watching them for years, it is clear that they have systems that have brought them tremendous success outside of normal marketing campaigns and clinical skills. 

I am confident that anyone looking to be more effective and grow their Invisalign practice would be smart to glean as much information, sales, and systems as possible from Drs. Jeal and Nguyen.  Said simply, they are onto something. Their success is not accidental.”

Dr. David Galler

President, American Academy of Clear Aligners

Impossible Is Not A Word In Our Vocabulary

Generating an extra $100,000 without extending hours or hiring more staff may seem out of reach to many dental practice owners…It’s almost hard to imagine. But with our ‘$100K Invisalign Day’ system – there’s no need to imagine. The success formula we teach has been replicated in towns and cities from coast to coast… 

You only need to look around you to see results:

Here’s A Look At What You’ll Unlock With The $100K Invisalign Day Training:

Facebook Templates

Instagram Templates


Radio Scripts

Promo Templates

3-Part Email Templates

2-Part Email Templates

The Goods

Presenting Fees System

Patient Routing Forms

Exclusive Membership Opportunities

Opportunity #1: The 100k Academy

Join other doctors in a six-week program focused on ‘$100K Day’ best practices, systems implementation and close support from our team. The program is delivered in short video lessons and supplemented with chat room support so no travel or additional expense is required. Get the scripts, templates, systems and an accountability partner needed to seamlessly execute your own high production day and add new energy (and profits) into your practice!

Opportunity #2: Private $100k Day “Game Plan”

Request a private 2-hour "done-with-you" call so we can bring focus and accountability to your Invisalign Day planning. We’ll put together a no-fail game plan personalized for your practice, and stay in contact until the day of your event. We’ll leave no stone unturned and you'll have full access to our training systems and documents in a 1:1 setting.

Give Your Practice The Attention and Care That You Provide Everyday For Your Patients

As dentists, we’re naturally skeptical. So imagine for a moment that you were an isolated case and weren’t able to get the full benefit of the 100K Invisalign Day… Would it still be worth it if you started $50,000 of single-day new treatment? How about $25,000? An additional 5- or even 6-figures in a day isn’t something most practice owners can produce on-demand…

But you can – and you will – when you fully implement our system in your own practice. The real-world evidence is seen in the testimonials from dentists who have done it with our help. The $100,000 Day is a goal that shatters records… But we set the bar high for a reason.

We get results. And we believe you can too

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